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Prenuptial of Darius and Bellesa

Here are the teasers for the Prenuptial Photoshoot of Darius and Bellesa. It was taken by the sea, a symbolic place for any couple who’s about to begin an exciting new chapter in their lives.

The horizon is a beautiful thing to look at. At times though, it can give a sense of gloom and foreboding, especially as a storm rolls in from the ocean. There is comfort in knowing that after the strong winds that often bring the sting of sand and rock, after the rain that may even overflow to the higher shore, there will be a spot in the horizon where light will begin to show. It will begin to penetrate the dark clouds, backlighting their shapes and giving us breathtaking sketches in the sky. Various colors may even show, and if we’re lucky, it might even be just in time for a beautiful sunrise or a soothing sunset.

At the end of trials and tribulations, there will always be quiet and calm. To see and feel peace and love as well is up to us.

My very best wishes to Darius and Bellesa! May you face any challenge henceforth with bravery and optimism that a bright and beautiful horizon is just waiting to appear after.

Coordination: Maricar Retirado Salido
Videography: Teddy Salido
Photography: Mike Sia Photography

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